Gear Levels

I was just wondering what the max gear level is and what characters are worth getting there? Thanks in advance for your input!


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    Most characters can only get to gear lvl 7 with the current level cap. A very select few can reach lvl 8.
    You should try to gear at least the characters you use in arena to that level.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the quick response. Is it pretty difficult to get all the items needed to get the gear level 7?
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    There is quite a jump in effort/energy needed for up to gear lvl 6 and 6->7.
    There is also significant differences between characters for how many and difficult items they need for that last level. I think it's not uncommon to need at least 1 000 energy spent on farming gear to get from gear lvl 6 to 7 on one character.

    I'm currently lvl 58 and have 8 characters at gear lvl 7. This might be more difficult to achieve if more of your total experience comes from daily achievements and less from spent energy on missions (as I used a significant amount of refills during my ~4 weeks played).
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    I'm currently lvl 43 and have about 7-8 characters at GL 4 so I have got a long ways to go before I get to that point in the game but I appreciate all of your input.
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