Level 63 F2P looking for a guild

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a guild, that accepts players that are still levelling. I started back in march, did all my dailies so far, completing GW every day and levelling at a good pace.

My squad is still a bit thin compared to the level 70+ players out there, but it's growing at a steady pace. I try to gather information about various options and generally plan ahead. I am happy ranking in top 100 in the arena, which gives me the crystals I need for refreshes, but the last few days I've ranked in the 30s - yay me!

My A-team:
Lumi 7* - GL 7
GS 6* - GL 7 (7* soon)
RG 4* - GL 7
QGJ 4* - GL 7 (Stopped promoting him to get Daka for progress on DS nodes. Will pick him up again)
Sidious 5* - GL 6 (Stopped promoting him to work on ST Han)

Alts that I'm gearing up currently:
ST Han

I have stocked my GW currency up until I decide who to spend them on next.

I am the kind of player that will do his best to contribute to the guild in dailies and raids, though I'm nowhere near hard core. I value having fun in the process :-).


  • Hey I just started a guild that is tailored to leveling players since I am leveling myself! I am lvl 64 looking to get players to do guild activities and raids. My ally code is 572-621-685 if you are interested thanks
  • Waqui
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    Sounds great!
    I'll add you. My own allycode Is 645-592-383.

    Btw I forgot mention, that my time zone is CET.

    See you! :)
  • Waqui
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    And my in-game name is Mol Eliza (didn't change it on time)
  • I added you
  • Hey Guyz I'm lvl 63 also in the leveling stage and I'm looking for a guild and mol Eliza I see your name a lot in arena
    Ally code 937-161-174
  • Hey I think I replied to your thread and invited you lukshin
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