United Kingdom - BEST UK Guild NAME - GMT Time Zone 24/50

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From the UK?
Looking for a guild from the same country?

Then it's a no brainer; join UNITED KINGDOM
We have THE most perfect and unique guild name in the form of 'United Kingdom', no numbers, no underscores, just the name in all its glory!

Be you F2P or P2P it doesn't matter, we welcome all users from the UK, we intend to be THE top UK-based guild in the galaxy!


We're setting a preliminary requirement of being level 70 to join the guild however this may change in the future.

Spots are sure to fill up quickly given this is one of the most sought after guild names out there! Post your ALLY code below or comment your username after having sent ME an ally request on 613-574-364


My username is Brettski, look out for my ally request so you can join this prestigious guild!

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