[STA] Solar Trade Alliance

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Hello all!

I'm Dashea and part of Solar Trade Alliance [STA] for about 11/12 years now.
STA has been in many games, mostly active/has been active in MMORPGs like SWG, SW:ToR, Everquest, GW2 and other games aswell.
From origins, STA is a Dutch guild, but we're open to all nationalities.

We're a social guild, we're not in a rush to the endgame content and therefor we have players who take it easy and players who, as you could call them like that, are more hardcore.

We don't care about about a level requirement, allthough the game says you need to be lvl22 to join a guild.

Are you looking for a guild who's more socially based instead being the hardcore top 10 guild, then we might be what you're looking! :smile:

You'll find us under the name of STA, which stands for Solar Trade Alliance. The full name wasn't accepted by the game, so we made it like a tag :wink:

May the Force be with you!

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