Any tips for a New player?

Just started playing a few days ago and am very into the game. Are they any tips I should know before I get too deep?


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    1. First check your bracket. If your bracket is full of level 60s in your top 100, you're going to have a tough time even breaking that.
    2. Use all your crystals on refreshing energy.
    3. Three understand what base team you're going to create. I'd get Sid from arena tokens, Daka(for darkside healing) for Squad cantina, and Luminara for Galatic wars. For Squad Cantina you also get shards for beating battles, I'd either focus on Luke/Consular.
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    After you draw your first chromium, stop.

    Use 100 crystal to refill cantina energy. 50x2 crystal to refill mission energy daily.

    Cantina shipment get daka
    Arena shipment get sid
    Galaxy war get luminara

    Once you lvl up and gear them, decide to upgrade them to 7* or farm other heroes. Make up your mind and stick to it.
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    Thanx for the replies so far. I will def be paying closer attention to what im doing and where.

    As far as rank bracket. Is there a possibility to change if others are too high?

    EDIT: top 5 in my bracket are 32/32/31/26/25
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    You are good. It is a new server it wouldn't be that hard for you.
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    DarthVanio wrote: »
    You are good. It is a new server it wouldn't be that hard for you.
    Cool TY.

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