3 Friends looking for a guild

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My friends and I are looking for a guild to join. We are daily F2P players that are competitive but just having fun with the game. We are in EST if that matters.

Two of us rank regularly in the top 100, while the other finishes top 200.

Ally code 388-452-485


  • G'day mate, Australia Guild is filling up with high level active players at the moment. You'll fit right in with us.

    My ally code 893-763-397
  • Fairy tail is a guild with about 11 spaces left. It's 30+ level requirement but there is a decent variety of levels in it so far. We won't kick you and you guys sound like a great addition. If you'd like to send me a message and discuss it then do so but if not you guys may join straight away. Don't take too long however because if space runs out and it's 50/50 I won't kick anyone. Plus if you guys leave, I heard there's a glitch that resets all your guild stats. Anyways have a nice day and be weary of guilds who do what I just said ! :)
  • Rae of Hope is a Guild with a strong family core of officers that is looking to expand to conquer the toughest of the guild challenges eventually and compete at the highest levels.
    We are currently looking for level 60+ players who are very active.
    We are very knowledgeable about the game and are friendly and willing to help others learn as well.
    If you are interested you can add either myself or any of the other current officers as an ally for an invite.
    Dakkon Blackbalde - 386-798-242
    Derm - 585-463-143
    JediWeirdo - 851-846-355


    Sent you an invite from Derm. Get us the other friends ally codes and we can get them in as well.
  • You can join my guild, I added you. I'm DebtlessJet
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