Poll: energy refill

Just wondering if anyone else would refill energy all day long if cost stayed at 50 crystals? What about 100 crystals? We all have our own limit, don't we?

If EO's goal was to slow down power gamers so that casual gamers wont get left behind too much, then I applaud the smart mechanics, it's very nicely done.

But if goal was to make more money by encouraging crystal usage, I believe they got it wrong: players will stop using crystals to refill when they feel it's not a fair deal anymore.

Your thoughts?


  • thisgameisdope
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    cantina - 1x normally - 2x if I become rank 1 for 3 days in a row or when i get free gems from daily rewards
    energy - 4x normally

    so everyday is 400 crystals spend normally....I just want to start the new day (when reset time to have 350 gems, the rest of gem are free to go)

    Im F2P 100% and I believe at least 1x cantina and 2x energy IS A MUST for all players.
  • My thought is that they ought to limit the amount of refills one can do per day, period. That way, both high-spenders and free players cannot grow too much per day. As it stands today, if I'd like, I could spend a good $1000 and become 60 in a day.
  • I think they're on the right path with refills. Every game will have players with deep pockets and cost won't matter. Those people will always fly ahead. The current setup allows the majority to remain competitive with each other with small to moderate spenders getting small boosts. Also not too difficult to get crystals free to recharge energy 1-2 times a day. The game is free to play and they don't really lock anything for non spenders. I say let the major coiners continue to fund the game for now. Gives devs motive to update and expand. After all players are only getting frustrated cause we're enjoying this game so much and want more play time ;)
  • I've been saying this from the start. Energy should remain low in cost if the recharge rates will stay this slow. Also, I dont care how any other game does it. We are discussing this game.
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