First Order Officer

Hey has anyone come across FOO being used? Seems like it would be awesome along side the first order teams, phasma giving everyone advantage would boost main attack by 75% with turn meter boost given out and a chance for offence up on tie pilot.



  • I'm currently using my tokens to unlock him for a future First Order team. Not sure if I'd use him or Phasma as leader though.
  • Im 5 shards away ( I completely disregarded daka as I've heard mixed reviews and bronzium pulls) but I figure a smorc FO team would be a good defensive arena squad
  • I'm working him up to 4* now. I'm trying to build a FO team. It's going to take a while. Most of the FO stuff has to be shard farmed very slowly.
  • Yea I have everyone except kylo, I'm deciding who I want to run instead... Dooku, cad bane, leia? I think throwing in a healer would be counter productive
  • You have Leia and not using her?
  • Yea I have her but I have no way of getting more shards, same with cad bane. I'm thinking end game defensive team. When she's controlled by AI her first move is to always stealth up which I think is too slow.

    If I go Poe he can take the first round hits as he will go taunt/expose first... I also have old Ben but again do I care about ability block if I'm trying to push as much damage as possible in round 1?
  • MoBlaq wrote: »
    You have Leia and not using her?
    I got 2 star Leia, worth using?
  • Mines at 2 star and I don't really use her at all in arena
  • Dario
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    I have leia at 3* purple gear, I choose her over A lot of good 4*s I have saying that I don't know what she's like at 2* but you could always try :)
  • Ive run phasma, kylo, fotp, foo, and lumi or daka. Its a good team, but i dont think phasma's leader ability is work correctly for fo units. Daka procs more than anyone. The team is decent, but kylo's dmg (6*, lvl 7 gear) is too low and foo's dmg/hitpoints are low and the characters are slow overall. The team as a whole isn't tough enough or do enough dmg to survive long enough for the +turn abilities have an effect. Plus, a lot of times the +turn is wasted.

    Its a good team, but not amazing. That said, every once in awhile you'll decimate a team.
    --Nud Stark--
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