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"Hi I'm Matt" is looking for the best Radar Technicians available! Why should you join Hi I'm Matt?
  • We are currently 35th on the leaderboard
  • A mix of F2P and P2P
  • Active chat room on Discord
  • Lenient with real life circumstances
  • Running t7 raids
  • A friendly atmosphere

We are a Pacific Coast based timezone and only have a few rules:

1) We ask that you contribute your 600 guild bank coins a day.

2) We aim for at least t5 rewards on daily guild activities so any help towards that progress is greatly appreciated.

3) We ask that you have a solid roster that can handle t7 raids.

You can send me a direct message on here or you can hop into the discord channel and message an officer there. The link to the discord is https://discord.gg/0ft9yOaeBobqkxG2

Even if you are not interested in applying for the guild, you are more than welcome to join the discord and join the community. Everyone is pretty friendly.
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