Cad Bane thoughts

I somehow managed to pull cad bane a few times and he is currently at 4* almost 5, I was going to up his main attack which has a very very high chance of a bonus attack, just wanted to get some thoughts as a character for later play.


  • I have a 6* Cad, he dropped a lot for me too. I've tried him in different combinations to not much success. The combo he did shine in consisted of

    Lando (Lead) Adds huge speed bonus to all scoundrels.
    Boba Fett
    Cad Bane
    Stormtrooper Han
    (insert filler character...I used Chewie dual taunters)

    Very fast team..all scoundrel...completely synergized. This was one of the best teams I was able to discover of all combinations. My problem is Han,Chewie and even Cad are horribly underleveled and undergeared. I am spread thin at endgame on credits and training droids:/

    But I toyed with it and it looked exremely promising. So much so that I have been slowly working on Han,Cad and Chewie so I can have that team in the future. It will be a long while lol. I want Poe!
  • Im working on the han cad and chewie also, but I was thinking phasma as a leader and sid, but there isnt any healing in there so maybe get rid of sid and put in luminara, which as soon as I unlock GC i will go for, Im still only a lvl 37
  • Hans a rebel though not a scoundrel
  • Hmm. I've heard him called a scoundrel... Also scruffy looking, which was way over the line
  • shampoo wrote: »
    Hans a rebel though not a scoundrel

    You are correct! He should've been a scoundrel lol.
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