New Guild Opening - Relax and Play

Hello all,

I remember reading a post a while back saying it would be nice to have a casual guild and it would not be overly competitive. Therefore, I have established the "Relax and Play" Guild. This guild is open to everyone and we are looking for new members now.

My ally code is 779-713-434. Feel free to send me an ally request and I will add you back and send you the guild invite.

Although I am based in Asia (GMT+8, EST+12, PST+15), we have officers in the US to help maintain the guild so please come join us.

PSA: For members who are formerly in the guild "Coastal Elation Party", please leave your current guild first as I could not send you the invite while you are in one. Thank you very much.


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    A little bump for today. Come and join us as we provide a relaxed playing environment and we would love to have anyone on board.
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