Lower level players welcome

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It seems that most guilds want players approaching the level cap. Where's a player still developing their team to turn?

Search for Ithorian army. We want everyone. Come join us and have some fun while you grow your team.

Ally code 772-982-322
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    Hi, I just wanted to pop in and say I don't think it's currently possible to search for a guild by name. All you can do is hit refresh to see "recommended" guilds. Also once you form or join a guild there isn't a way to check if they added the feature. You should post your ally code so people can add you and find your guild that way.

    Just throwing it out there that my friend and I have a small, (at the moment), but loyal guild of actively casual players that welcome mid level players. Currently lvl 50+, but we're toying with dropping the cap to fill our ranks. It seems hard to find players willing to stick with it while the guild grows right now. Might be wise to consider merging with other small guilds? BB808, Shade Thanewulf 783-351-677 if interested. Good luck man.
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    Excellent advice. Thank you! I'd not realized it couldn't be searched. I'll bear you in mind if I can't get this thing off the ground!
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