[Blue Ghosts] Official Guild Thread for Recruitment (50/50). Waitlist Available!

Greetings my fellow Heroes of the Galaxy,

My name is HanSkywalker and I'm currently the recruitment officer for the Blue Ghosts Guild.

We are a casual guild for the active F2P and P2P players. Participation in guild activities are required, but not expected to hit the maximum everyday. I understand we all have lives out side of our Star Wars Galaxy. We want to have fun and the only way to maximize that fun is to have a full guild with like minded Heroes!

This thread will be our official thread for recruitment. Any updates in our roster will be updated here accordingly.

Current Guild Status: Still Currently Recruiting
Waitlist: OPEN

Any wondering Heroes out there that is looking for a place to call home, please check the requirements below and apply!

(subject to change)

Level 70 +
Daily Active Player
LINE account
All Ages (we will show kindness to minors and respect to adults)

Please copy and post the following information to be considered:
In Game Name:
Ally Code:
Current Level:
LINE: Yes/No/Will Get

Thank you,
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