[Dads Hideout] 114m GP Guild recruiting Dads with a dad level commitment to a mobile game

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We are currently doing HAAT/Rancor raids 2-3 times a week and farming T4/T5 STR. We are close to getting through hSTR and a few more accounts that are nearly hSTR ready would be helpful.

We get about 32-35 stars on TBs. We've only lost 4 TW battles which means plenty of zetas whenever CG/EA let us play. But a few more accounts capable of helping us really farm it would be great. Nobody wants to spend days coordinating attacks in a mobile app so we publish damage windows and everyone respects them. We have done a little more strat work for TBs/TWs but for the most part it's up to individuals to make the best moves for the guild.

There are no minimum ticket requirements but if you're inactive for a couple weeks you might get kicked if we need the room. We have people just reaching level 85 and we have people over 3mil GP so it's a pretty wide variety of accounts. We only have a couple open spots so PM me, visit http://www.dadshideout.com or shoot me an ally request at 925-117-391 soon. Thanks!

If you're a dad join http://www.dadshideout.com with the thousands of other dads who have joined the site. We are usually pretty close to full but have room for a few new dads. We have a mix of new level 85 members and some pushing over 3 mil GP. We're open to anyone willing to make a Dad level commitment. We're completing 2-3 T7 pit raids every week and doing HAAT raids 1-2 times a week and can always use more squads for Territory Wars. T4/T5 STR at the moment but will likely be doing hSTR this fall.

The Dad Level Commitment Scale™ is as follows:
  1. Kids
  2. Work
  3. Console/PC Games
  4. Mobile Games
  5. Wife/Significant Other

If that sounds like you then stop over to DHO or PM me and introduce yourself. Since our only requirement is that you're a dad once you introduce yourself then you're in.


We're a large gaming community but the site is all things dads. So even if you don't join then feel free to hop over there and check things out. We'll see how this all shakes out but there are no time/spending commitments because this is a mobile game. Something you spend time on when you're on the **** or a bad conference call. Not something you dedicate your day to.

The shard we started the guild on is CST as most of our membership is spread out in the US and Canada. If that's you head on over. Thanks for reading!

PS. Even if you don't feel like joining us for this game feel free to hop over to our discord and talk SWGOH, kids, or whatever else is on your mind. As long as you're a dad you're welcome to join up.
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