Is a first order team too squishy?

I've been building up an FO team, and wondering if people who have almost fully geared team if they find it squishy
They don't have a healer, or a tank (stormtrooper has great defense and counter but is ignored because he doesn't taunt)
So far, I got lvl 60 phasma 4*, tie fighter 1* 60, 60 stormtrooper 3*, Ren 4* 57, and 42 officer
I'm worried that the tie fighter dies too fast
If past 1* he still dies too fast I suggest a buff
Reduce his damage by 20%, increasing health and defense by 30%
Or give FO officer a heal for the team in addition to his other moves(which seem good but not great)


  • The tie is fine. He can one shot people at higher stars and gear. Idk about a whole first order team. But I am working on it. How is the first order officer? I want to make a team that consists of phasma, JC, First order officer, kylo, and sid. Just need kylo and sid.
  • After so many raving on Tie Pilot I geared him to 5 leveled to 58 and have him 3*. He is made of cracked glass and can't even 1 hit RT or Dooku. I hit Dooku it only took 25% HP Dooku countered, bonus, reg attack, dead. Fight 2. Sid AOE and 1 shot RT, dead, Fight 3, Dooku stun, Sid AOE, dead yet again. Not impressed at all he is no help on GW at LVL 58.
  • Tie pilot even at 5* lvl 60 is squishy and slow. He might be ok if was fast, but he dies before he can attack often in GW.
  • Itscaptainphasma, in my opinion officer has great support skills, and can grant 80% turn meter to another character, or take 50% from enemy
    He's good to prevent a bariss heal, or a maul attack, but he hits kinda low so far. His health and defense seem average
    Overall, only use him if you have a heavy hitter that he can grant turn meter to
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    Have Phasma as leader, and put Old daka into the team, squishiness becomes a non-issue unless you're up against a very fast AOE team

    Anything but a very fast AOE team, Old Daka can literally mitigate a significant amount of damage due to her basic stun... GIven Phasma's ability to give an increase to your turn meter, and also slow down the opponent's team. The FO is a very fast high impact team...

    The real linchpin in taking out the FO tie pilot as quick as possible... but because Old Daka is there, that may not help you as you need to take her out first before you take on the TIE pilot. Else there is a very strong chance she will revive him further along... If the enemy team is truly evil, he or she will throw in the Ewok Elder just to "make things interesting".
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