Give furnace to Lumi?

I don't have Rey (she's 14/80 still) so should I give my furnace to Lumi? Or maybe IG or Phasma? Or just hold on to it until I can unlock Rey?


  • Best thing would be to hold onto it, not for Rey, but to let others be the brave guinea pigs and try it out first, then make a choice based on that feedback. ;)
  • Is there a break down anywhere, or the stat increase that gear 9 gives each character?
  • Varlie
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    I'm the guinea pig, I used my furnace on Rey to get her to 9 gear. Highly suggest it!
    She's currently my second highest power character behind Yoda at 6156. Health 10,744, Protection 7,987, Speed 143, Physical Damage 1933 (+65)
  • I had the same dilemma whether to give the furnace to Rey or Lumi. Lumi has an easier path to gear X than Rey, who needs more furnaces when she's gear IX and X (yes, she needs three furnaces). I also read Lumi gains about 600 power going to gear IX.

    I ended up gearing Rey with the furnace. So far, no regrets. Using her two specials in succession does eye popping damage. I'm looking forward to when she increases her speed past 143. If I had enough omega mats to give her, she'd be a beast.
  • 1AmYourFath3r
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    I did lumi and am now one piece away from x. She's now sitting at 7041 power 13k HP and 10k protection. And just over 1896 +116 damage
  • I think it depends on what you need more. I am amazing at how versatile Lumi is. I use her in my arena team, her force blast can hit crazy damage especially with offense up. Her heals behind my RG and Han are a godsend at times, and with Omega mats, she gets a cool-down increase for that heal. He basic with Omega gives her evasion up which helps if she is your leader or even on her own. Very, very versatile compared to Rey. Rey is pure damage output, which is why I am also working on her since I lack that. So it really comes down to who you may need the most.
  • Onetime7979
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