Boba Fett vs Fives

Which char would you choose? What char do you think is the best in Cantina shipments?


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    I'm a massive boba Fett fan boy so I'm going to say boba Fett. Both are very good but potential with the right squad around him, I think 5 is the better character.

    Bit more information about the rest of your team would help

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    Fives shining light is his counter chance. His attack speed is meh, his damage is meh, his HP is good. In some squads like a counter heavy team I would def pick 5's over Boba. But any other scenario Boba all the way. People underestimate the power of an AOE ability block. It can be the deciding factor in a win or loss. Boba becomes even better if you pair him with Lando's +speed leadership for scoundrels. It fixes the only Achilles heel for Boba his attack speed. He is at his best with old Ben. Two AOE ability blocks on the same team can render healers virually useless. I fought one couole days ago with that combo and helplessly watched my crew get ability locked into death. Not cool. Dang chrono spenders:)

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