Which are your Top Team for Lvl 60 Arena Top 10 ?

Which are your favorite Team for a Top Ten in Arena at Lvl 60?

Barris, Sid, Luminara, Qui Gon, Ahsoka Tano by me, which for you?
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  • Akster
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    Currently running Barriss, kit-Fisto, Obi-Wan, Aayla and Qui-Gon at the moment. Dont know how great that is since the server im in is new, those in the top 10 and around lvl 40 at the moment. Considering dropping Qui-Gon for Ahsoka or Lumi once I have ranked them up in a few weeks time since Qui is squishy compared to the other jedi, haven't had the ability mats to upgrade his abilities so I dont really know how strong Qui-Gon is yet.

    What are your thought on Qui and his abilities once upgraded? Im looking to make the tankiest team possible with no care for doing any damage just so no one can actually beat me easily within 5 mins, which is somewhat easier on a new server.
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