Barriss - nerf to healing

If I seem to recall Barriss had a 30% chance to heal on hit just yesterday. Today while playing she seemed to not get her heal off that often. So I checked the tooltip and it said 15%. Stealth nerf?


  • I'm pretty sure the amount healed was reduced as well...
  • Kaat
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    30% chance to heal and 10% heal are both skill upgrades. Maybe you just looked at someone that had not upgraded the skills.
  • That could be it. At what point does it upgrade?
  • Kaat
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    I think the upgrade from 15% to 30% chance heal is low/mid 30's. 5% to 10% heal is lvl 46
  • Bait and switch by Capital. Boom. Its how America was built.
  • 0 level (basic). 15% chance of healing by hit (5% of Barriss' HitPoints)
    1 level. +5% damage
    2 level. +5% damage
    3 level. +15% chance of healing
    4 level. +5% healing
    5 level. +5% damage
    6 level. +15% chance of healing
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  • On IOS i've noticed some skills read wrong at lvl 1. When I upgrad them they seem to go down before going back up.
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