Earning 3* on Dark Side 5-K

Need strategies that have worked for others to get 3* on DS 5-K. I've beaten it but can't seem to get the 3* needed to sim. Which characters would work best?


  • I cleared it with 3 stars by using following heroes at lvl 57: (my leader) Sidious, Dooku, Vader, Talia and Old Daka. PLUS i had a lvl 60 Asajj Ventress from an ally which gave +23 or more speed bonus to all nightsisters (which were in total 3). This way i was able to keep my heroes healed and clear the chapter with 3 stars and epic my Vader :)
  • I ran HK47 (L), IG88, IG86, Poggle, Old Daka and borrowed a Sid. I think I completed the whole 3 battles with only taking damage once or twice in total.
  • Daka stunned Old Ben 2 times in a row, which allowed me to clear the Jawas then focus him down. I would suggest borrowing Daka because if she dies you can still get 3 stars. I have her so I borrowed Fett for his AOE. As always, increasing your heroes gear, stars and levels makes everything easier.
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