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    Right now I'm finishing most of my battles with at least 2 minutes to spare, bracket #50-20.
    My comp right now is Sid leader, doku, lumi, consular and talia. Most of the times, when the enemy chewbacca taunts (if they have one) I've already killed at least one of their attacker, where sid and lumi are my preferred targets if there is nothing more dangerous.

    If you do not have Sid, get it. Healing immunity is something you need for healing heavy teams. Lumi is another must have for arena battles, her skill block will make the difference between having barris heal (the first part of her skill bypasses healing immunity, so if the enemy still has 5 char alive barriss will almost fully heal someone with healing immunity)

    Timer isn't too bad once you learn how to deal with enemy heals, it just takes some getting used to.
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    I've had some draws vs chewy/obi wan + some healers, but its not a big issue. Obi wan is so hard to kill lol i remember getting it my 5 vs just him and he just got lucky and evaded most of my attacks lol so frustrating.
    Really if you are timing out you probably just need to up your dps/tactics/gear. Actually this issue was originally why i stopped using chewy.
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    make sure your upgrading your abilities also and not stopping at 4. Makes a huge difference
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    DigitalKLB wrote: »
    I've had some insanely rough breaks due to the timer because I'm playin against mostly guys above my level. Literally lost against the #1 player with 5 guys left and he had 1 left with a sliver of health when the timer ran out. Also had one that got down to 2 vs 2 healers with 3 minutes left and then we both never even came close to killin the other.

    And yet, I think the timer is necessary and at the proper time limit. If you're running out of time, evaluate your team and attack plan. If you can't beat a team in 5 minutes, frankly you don't deserve to move past them.

    that's where I'm at - the contest is against the timer AND the team. If I can't beat someone in under 5 minutes I need to re-evaluate my squad and improve it. With the AI being mediocre at best, there would be little challenge if the timer wasn't there. While winning more for each of us seems good, really it would just serve to cause more movement in the ranks. More movement = spending more gems to maintain any given position in PVP for all players. I'd be careful about wishing for a removal of the timer and actually draws too. If both of those or one got pulled, I think many people would find they get sent down the ranks much further and have much more climbing to do. Much of the challenge would also be gone out of PVP - beating the timer makes up for the weak enemy AI to still present a fun challenge.
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    The only time I have trouble finishing in 5 min is when they have Old Ben ranked up and they are several levels above me.

    And let's be honest, if someone is several levels above me and has spent enough on the game to have a 6-7* old Ben, they probably deserve to win the defense against me.

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    Hell, get rid of this **** timer altogether! If the sole purpose of the timer is to counter battles that could go on for awhile, why doesn't Galactic War have one? I can't tell you how often I'm fighting an opponent in the arena, they are down to their last character (with very little health at that) and time runs out. I was in a battle this morning and I got my last attack off; it killed their last character, the timer had 1 second left, when it ticked down to said Draw.

    Do away with the flippin' timer!
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    Once you start hitting ability 5/6 skills defense doesn't matter much and the timers never an issue. They need a better system than swapping to keep/ get rank
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