Is there a dominant scoundrel squad? plus please advise based on my newbie squad.

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I started this game a week ago and am enjoying it. I'm very impressed with the knowledge of the people here on this board and how you all understand the intricacies of the characters and how to build a squad.

So after starting, I bought the DS starter pack and got the Greedo, also pulled a 4-star Nute Runray from a chromium pack. Those two plus the Chewy I got at the beginning are all scoundrels, so I'm wondering if there's a certain way I should go to maximize on what I was given at the beginning.

Currently, I just started working on Old Daka with my squad cantina battles (I sim holo table c all the time to get the credits to buy Daka shards, and since they drop Chewy regularly, I've leveled him up along the way.) I did Ahsoka first bc my daughter wanted me to, lol.

I'm also working on Luminara with the Galactic War, but just started that yesterday. I have 7/50 for her.

Squad shipments have been going towards Sid, I have 20/80 for him.

Here's my level and heroes:

My Player level 42

Heroes level 42

Chewy 4-star. Gear level IV

Nute Gunray 4-star. Gear level III

Greedo 3-Star. Gear level IV

Jedi Counselor 2-Star. Gear level IV (almost three star, drop rates have been bad)

Ahsoka Tano 2-Star. Gear level IV

Heroes level 36-41

Poe Dameron 3-Star. Gear level IV

Talia 3-Star. Gear level III

Tuskegee Raider 3-star. Gear level II

Java 3-Star. Gear level III

First order stormtrooper 2-star. Gear level III

Clone Sergeant 1-star. Gear level IV

Royal Guard 1-star. Gear level III

Heroes I haven't touched

IG-86 (just pulled in a bronzium pack)
Ewok scout

Thanks for indulging a new guy.


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    Unfortunately most scoundrels can't compete in the end-game. Lando is the only one that comes to mind as good.
  • Agreed on Lando, the rest are nothing to write home about.

    Sid, Daka, and Lum are great to farm. Build up JC as well. I have him gear 8 about to 6* and he hits pretty hard, fairly quick, strong heal, his attack as defense hits good heals good. All around a solid toon with the shortest cooldown on his heal.

    86 is squishy but droid teams can really pack a whollop, poe is weak, but his taunt helps, he is good with droids.

    You are farming the right toons, keep 5's, Fett(I don't yet have, one of the few) and Dooku(great for hit and run in GW) as secondary farms.

    What you have now I'd priortize JC then go with Poe, Talia, 86 as far as gearing. Chewie I don't often use anymore, but still see him alot in GW and here/there in arena so he too is an option. I know if I have extra resources(rare) I work on him some. His taunt, like Poe and an, can distract unless you have Ventress or Mace to break(Mace is useless otherwise) but at higher levels Chewie, despite strong health can be killed pretty quickly. If I let his taunt stand he never lives out the taunt, Poe and Han die even faster, but Poe does expose which if you have a hard hitter like 86 geared up can really give you an early edge.

    Hope it helps, gl.
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    Currently scoundrels just don't have good pvp synergy. Boba Fett and Lando are the only real leaders that are useful. Chewie is subpar tank with low damage and little team utility, newt is fast but his special takes way to long making him subpar in pvp as well, greedo could be good but he also suffers from his main skill taking multiple turns to work and in pvp he would be dead by that time. His unique is good enough that maybe paired with Leia he could be a decent to good teammate, boba is solid pick, and Lando is good only if paired with an aoe team that can protect him. So overall all those put together don't amount to much and have fairly bad synergy overall. If anything use boba as leader in an aoe team that includes Lando and Poe fill in the rest with other good aoe, that is about as top tier as scoundrels get at the moment.

    -[iN] EwokRampage
  • I think I see a lot of scoundrel synergy. I think there is a nice team to be built.
  • Thanks for the responses guys,

    Silly question, buts what's aoe stand for?

    Also, how would u see Poe fitting in the near future? He seems to die so easily, I've stopped using him in the light side campaign, and I've been basically sacrificing him in galactic war. Have him taunt a tough ten watch him. Go down as I do some damage. I've only had GW available for two days.
  • AOE stands for Area of Effect...meaning a skill that effects an area or multiple toons at once...

    A lot of the terms we use are generic gaming terms and may not relate directly to this game,but people still understand what is meant. Such as DPS, which stands for Damage Per Second. The per second part really has no bearing as this is a turn based game, so it is used to mean a high damage toon.
    It's a hard life pickin stones and pullin teats, but sure as gods got sandals, it beats fighting dudes with treasure trails....
  • Greedo and Nute have the delayed damage skills that can't even land a killing blow if it would be able to. Terrible abilities. I have Greedo and his regular attack is nice but when so many characters have useful abilities he quickly loses his charm. Shame too, started him up a bit moved on as I got higher level.
  • What he Cpt said on AOE. He is really a sacrificial lamb tbh unless you run a healer or two(JC given your squad) His expose does help to quickly take out those effected, and is great for teams with strong AOE's like Maul's(but he is glass) Sid, Ventress, 88, Lando, ect. I do not really use him. He is fast though. I have, when all my main and top subs are full health and zero cooldown, used him on an all speed team to snipe out remaining threats, if there are, in GW. I run my Barriss lead to HP boost and put Dooku, Geo, Leia, and him in and they all typically go off before whoever is left. I take the shot or two, retrat and repeat if I need, if not I just finish the squad off.

    I saw one team that had Poe, Han, and Chewy with Sid and Lum. All 3 blew off the taunts which was stupid, but if you think about it you could literally focus fire for 5 rounds if they all survive, my opponent was dead in under 2 rounds, and Sid and Lum can hit. I'd never go that route, but it is an option.

    Given your squad I'd bench him until you build a droid team, or you could consider running him, JC, Chewie, Talia and Tano. Not the hardest hitting, but GW is a war of attrition this offers 2 taunters, Chewie has big health and self heal. JC, Talia, and Tano all have Group and self heals. You have no AOE attacker though in this setup. If you do this I advise really focusing on JC. Attack as Defense hits decent by level 3, I have it a bit higher, and it crits at 38-4400 for me, like Lum FB. I'd use either Tano or Chewy as lead there. I'd lean towards Chewy as his leader is even where as Tano is Jedi/NS, Talia NS, and Poe resistance.


    Is what I'd roll with in your shoes given your team. I've been top 100 arena since like my 3rd day, usually top 20 depending on what I'm doing, testing teams, testing theories, or trying to rank.
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