Suggestion for the new features for swgoh.

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Personally I can't wait for new features and my only suggestion would be to have the rewards be given out at a different time than 6pm or 12am.

My peak playing times are 12am, 7am when I wake up, 1pm-ish, and most importantly around 430-6pm. The last timer is the most important and I do find myself slaving away at arena and GW while I wait for the 9min cool down for another arena attack.

When you add more content make the timer something else, like 9pm or something of that sort. Something where you're done from work and you're waiting for the 12am reset. If not at that time, then possibly lunch break 12 noon. Some intermediate time stamp between the main timers we already have.

Lastly one idea which would be sweet, do like a 9pm awards but something like GW but instead make it like pvp. So for today you're playing player X, this player has to pick 5 teams of players and he cannot reuse any of them. This would promote leveling up and gearing more than just your A-team and would be really fun to build and try out new synergies. Maybe you would balance this somehow like the computer turns whoever you throw into the line up at node 1 (5 characters) to a generic Lvl 40. Then node 2 would be 46 depending on your actual level. Etc, and at every node you beat a reward like GW. I think that'd be awesome.
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