Allow officers to change the guild info/msg board and other suggestions

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Atm it is only the guild leader who can change this and with no way to contact the guild leader ingame its hard to cordinate guild managment .

An officer chat and being able to mail the guild members would be really helpful.

Also changing the "last log in " to " last online" would be much more useful info and would prevent ppl who dont log out, from showing up as they havent logged in for days.

Adding another rank so we could put new members on trial would be nice to

if you could allow all members to invite from their friends list ( just invite ) would be nice ,it can be done by adding a check box when checked members can invite and when not they cant
after the "ghost members" fix i belive there are some guilds who need members and again this goes on the lack of commucation tools ingame since only the guild leader can promote to officer


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    I second all those wholeheartedly!
  • I completely agree, there needs to be some form of officer chat to make running and managing a guild more effective. Not everything needs to be said in front of all the members. As it is now for us, we've had to go out and get a 3rd party app, just to have leadership discussion's!

    ALSO, there needs to be an in-guild message system so we can either send a message to an individual's inbox or the entire Guild, complete with a notification that it has been READ, NOT just received. Something as simple as a box next to their name that's empty until the message has been read, then put a check in it.

    The guild I'm an officer in runs a rotating Raid Tier system so everyone's got a chance at the rewards, and contains Whales, dolphins, guppys, amoebas, & FtP. And no matter how hard we try to make it fair, someone always manages to F*!% everything up, and then starts crying, "nobody told me, why did I get kicked out? It wasn't in the chat, I didn't see it" And the main reason, we can't get the messages out to everyone! The log in the chat just isn't long enough, especially when 20, 30, 40 people are all trying to chat for advice/help/just to chat. Some people just refuse to join the chat, or don't speak the language, or whatever their excuse, so there is also a need for a translator, not that I've noticed it in my guild. Even though, I can tell several members are English 2nd language speakers.

    Please, give us the ability to send messages to our guildie's Inbox's
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