Help me complete my Shard to Character guide?

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I have most of the information but could use some help filling out my table.

Basically I want to make a guide (with a google doc that does the calculations for you) for how many shards you need to max a character based on what you already have and if they are activated or not.

The amounts to move up each level are pretty easy

1 -> 2 = 15 shards
2 -> 3 = 25 shards
3 -> 4 = 30 shards
4 -> 5 = 65 shards
5 -> 6 = 85 shards
6 -> 7 = 100 shards

Each character has a base need to activate them. Do these numbers look right?

New Character Redemption
10 shards - 1 star
25 shards - 2 stars
50 shards - 3 stars
80 shards - 4 stars
145 shards - 5 stars

Also anything you would like to see in the guide to make it more comprehensive?
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  • You might find this formula helpful: If 'A2' is the current star level of a character, and 'B2' is the current # of shards they have towards the next level, your formula for 'Shards remaining until Max level' should be:


    It might also be useful to throw in an estimate on how many days you need to get the character up to max shards (based on how many cantina battles they can be found in, 5 cantina energy regen/hr, hard nodes, presuming a 30% drop rate, etc.)
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    Thanks for the formula I will compare that to how I am currently doing it and see what works better. I had not thought about the estimate for how many days I will for sure add that in.
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