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Hi everyone, recently I have introduced this game to number of friends and they have started playing the game...nevertheless, some of them have told me that they are in fairly developed server and climbing the PvP ladder is fairly difficult.

Consequently, they also would like to know when/how often do servers refresh or change, as they prefer to be placed onto a new server and would like to start the game with minimum level difference as other players.

So, on behalf of my friends, I would like to ask 'Is that even possible?' and if so, how do game system decide to place players on certain servers?

Thanks for your time and sorry for asking such an unusual question, happy new years everyone, hope you are all enjoying the game.


  • When you start a server you shouldn't be more than a day behind everyone else. Everyone I've talked to started on server (post launch) with the top teams being lv 10-20
  • thanks for the reply, guess it was their misconception/misstatement...
  • If they started before the global launch they could have landed in a very high level server,
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