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With the nerf of the Yoda Event, Challanges, the disappointment in the heroic Rancor, the ease at which GW can be completed can the Devs look at adding elite content or a real heroic mode.

The prizes don't need to be substantially better or even exist if there is no cost to the more difficult nodes. I think there is a group of your player base that wants to be engaged with difficult battles that might require a little RNG to win.

These people aren't all whales with Max rosters. Mostly they are people who understand how to maximize there teams.

Can the Devs please provide content to engage people who want the game to be more than click auto and aim.

Some ideas that could be implemented without very much additional coding

1) hard mode for GW. Give marginally more rewards but add 10% health and damage to the current system
2) laps on Heroic Raids. If your guild beats the first round you get to try another with no charactor resets in between. Reward can just me leaderboard points. 25 per phase.
3) Event Bonus rounds - for badges. Each time there is a Yoda or Omega or any other event have a heroic mode that rewards you a badge when complete
4) Heroic LS/DS/ cantina nodes - once you 3 star a node you can try the heroic version again give badges as prizes. These would cost the same energy and a sim ticket as the regular mode but give you the regular node rewards win or lose.
5) heroic Challanges - again give badges and same rewards for wins.

Given that the masses don't want anything that is more difficult then hitting auto and there are players who would like content that is boarder line impossible something should be done to service both communities and those in between.

I think this can be done without providing any advantages in terms of additional credits or gear for the better players. Just have the reward be in game recognition.



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