Suggestion: Allow players to contribute one unit per month

One of the major concerns from players is the lack of communication between the playerbase and the dev/admins and peoples confidence and faith in the team isn't remarkably high currently. So to boost playbase/admin relations and to give players the feeling that they are contributing and being listened to. I suggest that every month, one of two things happen that will inevitably give the community a chance to add a unit of their choice into the game.

Idea 1:

A competition is launched on the forums, and advertised in the game so people know to check here. The competition could be anything of the admins choice. Submit a paragraph of your fsvou character and why, post screenshots following certain conditions like Sid killing Savage while Maul is stunned etc, Invent an OC character. And so on, the admins then pick their favourite and the winner pms the team their choice of character.

Idea 2:

A topic is run for a certain amount of time where the community can name one character they most want to see. At the end of the given time the topic is closed, tallied up and the winner is declared. Since there are many possibilities for one character, I.e Stormtropper Luke, Hoth Luke, Padawan Luke, Jedi Knight Luke. The admins will then open up a topic allowing the community to specify which version they would like, and if they'd like a certain move. Like, C3PO Battle droid, with his main attack "I'm terribly sorry".

Either way once a character is picked, they are then implemented by the end of the next month.

And perhaps if possible, a community event to allow players to win their choice. With numerous milestones that if hit, the playerbase can ultimately summon that character with enough shards, however, at a lower star ranking than those pulled from packs. So an event for Yoda who might be 4* from packs, will only be 2-3* from the event. That way players are getting their choice but not at full strength.



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