Teebo, under rated leader?

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I was looking at Teebo's abilities on the cantina website... and I was thinking dang this guy would make one heck of an annoying Team to fight...

Imagine Teebo as lead, ewok elder, FoTP, Maul and Lando... That's gonna make one very painful fight.. A lot of defense side will come from Teebo and the elder speeding each other up with teebo taking away turn meter from your team... if the other three are randomly stealthed, chances are you are going to lose a number of your team because you can't easily focus fire them down quick enough unless you can debuff their stealth...

A lot of us will instantly pick the highest threat on the table and take them out... but when they go into stealth, unless you are using someone like Ventress there is no way for you to directly remove the stealth buff on an enemy. Characters like Plo Koon who has a leadership ability can passively remove stealth.

Most of us will be aware what make Leia dangerous isn't necessarily her basic attack can attack up to three times, it's the fact she goes into stealth and you can't hit her without either removing the stealth or using AOEs

Anyhow on paper, Teebo looks like he could prove to be one heck of a very annoying leader if you have the right team with him and the stealth procs favorably for you
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  • You are right. I've seen at least 1 badass Teebo team. I have no expose ability on my teams, so I was at his stealths mercy.
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    It does not proc till they have their turn so even if you res him darth maul is unlikely to get an attack off and when it lasts multiple turns you can end up with only 1-2 people unstealthed...which means the ai gets to focus for once!

    So stealth can be funny but is kind of unreliable.
  • Definitely one of the more interesting team comps, but reliable only when the RNG is on your side.
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    I was thinking if you going to go teebo maybe it would be best to go all 3 ewoks with Lumi and Poe/Han as final.

    You can hate on the scout all you like but with that turn meter control and if you get him all starred up I am fairly sure the damage he and elder can put out together is actually quite scary. I've seen my ewok elder go twice in a row quite a few times now and the scout gets half of that Oo
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    See this thread for more discussion:


    Teebo has his place and uses, but the RNG really starts to not work in your favor after a while.
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  • I used him for awhile, but replaced him with Luminara in PVP. He doesn't do enough damage at 60/4* to be effective against the best teams. Maybe if you farmed him to 6*. Now that I have another 4* ewok, it might be worth it
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