Need some help with regards to GW

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Hi guys. I cant seem to finish gw. I only reach the 3rd or 2nd to the last battle. ( although i have only tried gw twice bec i just gor lvl 40 yesterday )

Ive read the forums and I am doing the retreat method whenever my team has a debuff/taunted or when subbing characters to mop up the remaining enemies in a fight.

I also start low leveled characters when entering a battle that has toons with aoe damage, then subbing my main guys after the damage has been dealt.

I do not know if i cant finish gw because i still lack some toons or am i just doing something wrong. I have never spent any money on the game and I dont want to, yet.

Here is my lineup:
3* chewie gear 4
3* eeth koth gear 4
3* jawa gear 4
3* poe gear 4
3* talia gear 4
2* jc gear 4
1* tie pilot gear 4
2* fo stormtrooper gear 3
2* snowtrooper gear 3

Those are my toons that i use in gw. I have sid shards at 60/80, lumi at 30/50, jc at 20/25.

Can you guys please give me advice as to what i should do and how i should tackle gw? I really want to finish my gw so any help or comments will be of great help.

Thank you!


  • The other gw topics actually have all the information you need. From the looks of your squad you are missing some damage to kill other squads quickly. Is your A-squad max level and max level gear? Focus on your main squad, if you have some extra toons thats great. But dont let your main squad fall behind. And dont worry, you just unlocked gw. When you unlock sid and lumi it will get easier
  • Andrew
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    GW is pretty much impossible when you first unlock it, especially if you don't have lumi. I first started beating it around lvl 43 and above when i unlocked sid and lumi. I also got JC up to 4* and maxed out his gear.

    If do end up spending money, just buy crystals and farm sid, lumi, and jc. Using the tactics others have posted, it gets easier from there. If you lose a healer during one of your battles FORCE CLOSE the app and your healer will still be alive. You need them to survive until the end.
  • You need to gear up your guys. Minimum gear lvl 5-6 is what they should be.
  • Your missing healers is the problem mainly.
    Also i feel its better to always start each fight with your A team and see how it goes. If it turns bad just exut the game and walah!
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