4 star Darth Maul ?

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Is he worth upgrading to lvl 60 which is my max at the moment, is he a good char ?


  • He's one of those characters I've been dying to get, just to finish an anti-Jedi squad.

    In pvp battles and GW he's a pretty big liability because his health is so low.

    He hits like a Mack Truck, though
  • SpeedRacer
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    Maul is low speed and low attack. Unless u are fighting a jedi team he doesn't worth it, i think.
  • evanbio
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    I have a 4* maul lvl 61 (my current lvl is 74) with G6 (lacking 1 item to get to 7). I use him in early GW battles until he either dies or just isn't putting out enough damage. I tend to run a low level healer and taunter with that group as well....typically Talia and Chewy.

    In short....he's not really worth it. I run him because I like the character and want to. But I have to force using him. Eventually, he will be completely left behind. :(
  • He was one of my initial characters and he helped me a lot in arena at first.
    But as you start getting 6-7 stars heroes he becomes useless unless you can star him up. So I think you shouldn't put much effort in him.
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