Guild Currency Rewards or the Lack Thereof!

The only issue I've really had with this game apart from some smaller ones, is that I have consistently been rank #1 come the end of everyday, in my own Guild, to then not receive my Guild currency reward! I invest a lot of time, crystals & energy points within the game to just let this slide and quite frankly I'm loosing out on purchases within the Guild Store! Certainly within the last 7 days I have finished 1st every time except once when I got 2nd place & received only 1 days reward (yesterday - May 19th 2016) for 89 Guild currency coins. One or two days isn't too bad but missing out on a whole week is unexceptable!! How do I go about reclaiming those rewards that haven't been issued to me. My Galaxy of Heroes name is Rosco Tanna & I'm the leader of my Guild named 'One Empire'. My Ally Code is: 741-154-255. Please help, I get a lot of enjoyment from this game but am currently very frustrated!
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