Guild Rewards need to change

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Our guild just finished our 11th raid. I know its not as much as some of the top guild are doing but still 11 seems like a good number for me to complain about these rewards. Also in all of these i have finished in top 8 most times in top 5 and 3 times in top 3.

So to move my chars to gear 9 most of them need a furnace. Well the Raid only item i am currently sitting at 27/50 yet i keep getting items i don't even need for my characters. Please make changes to these rewards At this rate it will take me 22 raids to get one char to gear 9. While i have 11 chars waiting for these furnaces.

I have a couple suggestions.

1. Have raid drop only mats you cant' farm from events. This will lower the change of me getting gear i don't need.

2. Make it so instead of a random reward you get tokens that you can use to buy whatever you want. Kind of like the guild coins you get however those need to change 8k is way too much for half an item. 8k maybe for the full furnace would be better.


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