Guilds and Raids

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For starters, I run a guild, and I enjoy both playing the Raids and collecting rewards for doing so at no additional cost.

That being said, I have done so begrudgingly, as I never wanted to rely on others for my progression, and assumed drama came part and parcel with chat and teams/guilds of any sort.

The current implementation is actually far worse, because it is a griefing and exploitation tool. Ejection from a raiding guild means your gear is shut off until you find another, hoping it can contribute and complete at the level you need. Invitations are required to recruit, and for that you need officers, who can destroy the guild in moments by demotions and ejections and using coins, if they get a wild hair. Top raid damagers exploit the lowbies for coin, to get the good payouts, and each other by skipping parts of the raid they underperform in. Lowbies exploit the system by dealing 1 damage and collecting the minimum.

Everyone has to buy in to the system, or buy the gear, or "stagnate at 8", and thats no good.

I think Guild coin and raids should be personal, with damage tier payouts, and guild leaderboard bonuses. There should be a Recruiter rank option for Guilds.
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