More heroes

I honestly think they missed a bunch of good heroes to add to the game... I'll give my list of heroes to add....

Commander Cody
Commander Rex
General Grevious
Young Obi
Maybe some Clone Commandoes (scorch, Sev, etc)
Star-Killer (Force Unleashed)
Luke Skywalker (Jedi form)

What would you guys recommend?


  • ThalosKirano
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    edited January 2016
    I'd definitely like to see Revan added to the game, also Jango Fett. Maybe Zam Wessell. Artoo, Yoda, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Khabarakh, Gamorrean Guard, Gizor Dellso, Bothan Spy, Nien Nunb. There's too many to list!
  • game is still new, so im guessing theyll add cool new characters soon
  • I am still really shocked that they added general veers and tarkin but not admiral tharwn in initial launch
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