Royal guard or St han???



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    Also I'm not convinced that running Han with a dodge leader is great either - yes certainly it's huge if Humbling Blow misses, but if Han is dodging attacks then you're not getting TM, which is the whole point of his taunt.

    Han with dodge is better than Han without.

    If Han gets hit, he loses health for TM gains across your team. When he dodges, he loses no health in exchange for -100% TM on the toon that attacked him. If his dodge is with Dooku lead, he also gets offense up. Old Ben gives additional TM, which I will admit is a mixed bag. In any case, successful dodges mean that Han survives longer. Prioritizing the dispeller(s) on the other team mean that he can taunt for a longer time. The combined effect is that your team gets more attacks in over the course of his taunt, because he has a greater chance of actually surviving the experience. If he manages to survive a full taunt, you've probably already won.
  • I have st Han and RG and I love Han but no matter what I do my team just performs better with RG. He's boring but he gives you results. I also feel st Han is only good with old Ben or possibly him and RG because a simple dispel and you can ignore him until the end and his contribution was almost nothing when it's all said and done.
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    RG and St Han works together best under Ben with a healer preferably Daka/lumi....

    This is a strategy set up to get off Hans taunt at the best possible time....

    First you want to make sure taunt dispellers are handled though block/stun etc...

    RG should be there to take the damage away when Hans taunt is broken when one of ur healers is being attacked etc....(same above applies)

    Hopefully you can heal up Han and RG etc... When nessesary and either reset Hans taunt again or have RG taunt again

    This strategy can take some work depending on the team....

    The last character should be someone that can either do a heavy amount of damage or provide additional help in blocking other characters abilities...

    Lumi/Daka can work because lumi can force ability block and Daka can constantly stun along with RG...

    Finnaly u have Ben applying his debuffs etc... While giving everyone TM on dodge, they likely won't be targetting Ben so that helps limit where the damage is going....

  • ST han goes well with old ben as if you can't stun han or finish off G10 han during the first round, he will taunt and old ben cast his mind tricks next, effectively blocking QGJ humbling blow. Then, you are left with hitting han and watch his team gain turn meter helplessly.
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    Here's the easy answer: if you are only using one tank, RG is absolutely the way to go. Han is terribly vulnerable to dispelling, given the long cooldown on his taunt. Once he's dispelled, he's mostly useless. RG, on the other hand, needs to be dispelled every time a toon drops below 50% health. His stun is also incredibly useful.

    Now, where Han becomes good is if you can pair him with RG. Others have mentioned this already, and it really does work well. My current arena team is:

    Phasma(L) - gear 8
    ST Han - gear 9
    RG - gear 8
    QGJ - gear 9 (omega on basic)
    GS - gear 9

    It's not the most powerful pairing out there, but for FTPers who don't have access to some of the harder-to-get toons yet (my Rey is still 5*) and don't want to go with the lame dodge meta, it works really well. Primarily because most people are not running more than one dispeller (and nobody in their right mind really uses Ventress in arena anyway), so facing RG and ST Han makes you make a hard choice between who to dispel.

    It's also a nice arena squad because of gearing - Phasma and Han need furnaces, QGJ and RG need droid callers. And GS needs no raid gear to get to gear 9. So it's a relatively easy arena squad to gear up. I used my first droid caller on QGJ and my first furnace on Han, and haven't regretted it so far.

    Honestly I don't really get why anyone would run Han by himself. I guess there might be some rare combinations that he works well with as a solo tank, but I can't think of any offhand.

    Also I'm not convinced that running Han with a dodge leader is great either - yes certainly it's huge if Humbling Blow misses, but if Han is dodging attacks then you're not getting TM, which is the whole point of his taunt.

    Im running sth with g9old ben lead, g9sth, g10daka, g10gs and g9 yoda. In this case i have been able to climb to top 25 and only fall back to 50 overnight. By far my best combo but also im about to g8royal guard. I think yoda helps confuse ai qgj which means han probably does better also with focus fire on daka it seems to work. My question is now would you replace yoda with rg at g8? Or some other combo?
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