Where to go from here?


Arena squad is QGJ (L), Fives, Lumi, ST Han, and GS

GW squad is Barriss(L), QGJ, Fives, Lumi, GS

My shard is new enough that I can generally place in the single digits with five or ten attempts. At player level 72, it's a rarity to fail to complete GW, or even to lose a second character along the way. Are there obvious upgrades to be made that would change what I'm farming now?

Cantina-Old Ben 8 node
Cantina shipments-Fives
Arena shipments-Ackbar
GW shipments-Teebo, then Phasma, then Poggle
Guild shipments-Rey
Hard nodes-Dooku, RG, and anyone actively farmed in another area



  • TMK
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    I think you are going it the right way, I am wondering why you haven't maxed Phasma eariler though. Teebo is great for Raids anyway so it's not considered a failure.
  • Started with Lumi, for obvious reasons. Phasma, I don't think I realized what she'd do at higher ability and gear levels. Then raids arrived, and Ewoks are all the rage for a player facing t4 and t5 events. I'm hoping to get more increase in rewards from Teebo in raids than I would with Phasma in arena. She is next on the list, though, and gets spare shipments every week from when I bank for guild activities.
  • Sysy
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    Your problem is that you don't have a meta leader. Just get OB asap to replace Lumi and you have a great team there. When Rey is ready you can decide who she should replace (5s or gs)
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