I need help/advice on my team.

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Hi guys!

I'm lv 51. Been playing for 2 months now took a break over Xmas and since i came back I have been having trouble in the arena battles and need advice on my team. Used to be ranked in the top 200 and now 1200-1000. My power is 13000 approx. Just got Ventress and Sidious 2 days ago.

List of My team:
Chewie lv49, gear lv6, 4stars
Jc lv49, gear lv7, 4stars
Jawa lv48, gear lv6, 3stars
Talia lv48, gear lv6, 4stars
Dacha lv48, gear lv6, 4stars
Savage lv48, gear lv6, 4stars
Plasma lv45, gear lv5 4stars
Sidious lv43, gear lv4 4stars
Ventress lv39, gear lv3 3stars
Res trooper lv39, gear lv6, 2stars
Clone Sgt lv39, gear lv5, 1stars
FO trooper lv39, gear lv5, 2stars
Ig-86 lv39 gear lv6, 2stars
Royal G lv39 gear lv5, 2stars
Snow trooper lv39, gear lv5 1stars
Tie pilot lv22, gear lv4 1stars
Cab bane lv21, gear lv3, 3stars
Ig-88 lv21, gear lv3, 3stars

So what do you guys think is the best combination to have? I have had my **** handed to me lately. Any help/advice would be great!

Thanks a lot.


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