DUH: Leave Out Characters Already at 7*!

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I feel silly for having to point this out, but the shard shop is for spending excess shards gained from characters you already have at 7*.

Why on earth would you put characters I already have at 7* in the shard shop? So that I can pointlessly devalue my own currency?

And why are so few characters displayed, when there isn't even a refresh button?

Nothing about the shard shop makes sense.



  • CT666
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    I just promoted my Jedi Consular to 7* and had a few excess shards to convert in the Shard Shop and what am I offered? Not just one chance to buy 2 Jedi Consular shards for 300 currency, but two chances to buy Jedi Consular shards!

    Three of the nine slots are for Grievous, which is pointless, and two of the remaining six are for a character who's already maxed! :/

    Given that it takes 20 shards to earn enough for one purchase of just 2 shards, there should at least be some interesting choices available.
  • Czert
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    Agree, they should implement failsafe so no maxed out chars appear here.
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    I agree. I can't believe how many duplicate shards you get. You spend your money to level up your players not to end up with mostly those you already have. And from what I've read Grievouse isn't even worth having. He's nothing special. I'm extremely disappointed I spent even a penny. Either make grievous an extremely powerful character or return our money.
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    Agreed 100%, there should be a change so you don't have to see shards for characters that you already have maxed.
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    Agreed also. Not only are there 3 gg but now there are 3 bm's (not bowel movements lol) taking up space for other much needed characters.
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    They can't edit the shard shop for every player out there based on their roster. It's randomly generated.
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    Agree 100%
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