Edgar Allen Poe Dameron

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Got this guy to level 60 and 5 star gear 6. He doesn't seem that great because expose gets resisted a lot and he hits for around 900 which sucks. Only thing good is his Hp and taunt but I don't think that makes up for such weak damage.

Anyone have this guy 7star? What's he hit for? Also what hp?
I don't think taunt is that great for arena because the AI hits so random and when you taunt then you make the AI dps down one of your chars quick who usually don't have that much hp to begin with.
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  • That's the whole point, getting the taunt off right away being fastest taunter unless up against dooku. Putting 50% damage debuff on peeps is pretty good as well. Dropping expose on someone is a bonus letting you easily nuke one guy
  • J7000
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    His taunt and speed is what makes him good. Everything else is just bonus
  • I would gladly trade my Phasma for him. ;)
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