Sid, Lum, maxed, Kylo, 6, that was easy... what now?

I do have Dooku at 5 and 555s at 5, and it is enough to stay top1 when I am around arena reset. However obviously, by the time I reach 6th star on these two, Arena and GW chars would be 7.
So, what is end game now and fits this squad from Arena/GW? Savage/Hun, Poggle/R.Pilot... Teebo?


  • It all depends on what you're having trouble with in the arena. I personally would suggest going after IG88 and Phasma next. They would be able to synergize with your team fairly well with the debuffs. They would give you an additional source of healing immunity, a great source of speed down, and a lot of extra attacks. If you aren't particularly fond of IG88 I'd suggest Ventress instead. The fact that she can remove positive status effects from the enemy team on top of stunning them will help you a lot.
    Either way you have a really good lineup at the moment with Fives, Kylo, and Luminara. If you added phasma as a leader and IG88/Ventress you'd be really annoying to deal with, and able to take out other people really easily.
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    Thanks, decided on Savage, maybe new meta will have Sith Speed leader.
    IG and Ventress are really good for droid and nightsister teams, both are very free to play and effective.
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