Should SWGoH change the facts we all know from the movie SW ?

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Is the world created in the SWGoH the separate reality , or should be similar to the world created in SW movie by Lucas? As the difference we can write about some occurence but this time lets write only about one. The IG88 and Stormtrooper Han are scoundrels in real but not in the game. If clothing Han as stormtrooper kills scoundrel in him, why not rebel too ?

Should SWGoH change the facts we all know from the movie SW ? 8 votes

The reality in SWGoH should be similar to reality in SW movie as much as it is possible.
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The world created in the SWGoH can be different because the movie can not be a source of inspiration.
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  • CronozNL
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    right.. wish people would stop these nonsense posts. No it's not based on the movies or anything. It's not lore based so you can stop asking for that.
    I'm sure they don't intend to give Han or IG more synergies than they already have...
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    I enjoy how the game classes certain characters differently than you would expect. Otherwise JEDI 2 STRONK, thier only logical counter as team vs team would be clones.

    EDIT: And anakin, just anakin. (Still was a jedi tho) Maybe the rework for him will be anti-JEDI synergies. Attack/support, hits mid-tier, grants a couple team buffs, opposite of vader.That would really shake things up.
  • Kabbes
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    These aren't the characters in the movie. They are in-universe holograms invented as part of an in-universe game. Like Star Wars top trumps. There is no need in-universe to make the holograms consistent with in-universe reality.
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