Star Wars games

What other Star Wars games out that are worth playing. Could be mobile or computer. I know about SWTOR, played for two years and quit.


  • Knights of the Old Republic and all the games in the Jedi Knight series of PC games.
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  • If you want mobile check out star wars force collection (SWFC). Its a trading card game. Not bad I started that one early and built up a great team, but to compete now you would have to spend money. Heck the trading of cards is mostly done by savage price guide as people sell these cards for real money ( some cards people buy for $200+ ).

    Going by the price guide, all my cards come to about $2500. If I knew someone that would pay it, I would sell it seeing how I don't play anymore.
  • Is Star Wars Uprising any good?
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  • I played it when launched, but after I played it a couple weeks I got bored and stopped. I have a friend that plays it and he loves it. It's basically if you like that type of game or not. I didn't like it that much as it wasn't the type of game I play.
  • Kotor 1 and 2 are classics. If you haven't played those, get on it right now. Close your browser and get on it. Get the restoration mod for 2, skip the droid planet one, though. It's one giant, tedious puzzle.
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