Hi there! I wanted to share a nice online comic that I've been following for years. It's about video games mostly, but it has some pop culture here and there as well. It used to have a main storyline with characters and so on, that line ended and it's now in a sort of reboot, with a brand new concept for the site as well. Having a brand new story, aimed more as a comic book, and keeping the video games and other stuff as one shots published between stories.

It's a great comic, and actually, that's where I got to know this great game! Here was the first strip regarding SW: GoH
(I started playing that day, Dec 28th in the morning when I saw the comic! :D)

And here are two more that have been published afterwards on the same topic :)
(I'd say I'm somewhere between stages 3 and 4, lol)
(a small error on this one, it should be 1/50 :P but still, crazy picturing it like that xD)

I hope you guys like it. Here's the full website, and all the credit, of course, goes to Tim Buckley, the creator.
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  • Only web comic I've consistently enjoyed is Oglaf. There was one other about a party chick that lives with some sarcastic bald guy with minimal expressions, but I forget what it was called.
    "Mockery: Oh, Master, I love you, but I hate all you stand for! But I think we should go press our slimy, mucus-covered lips together in the cargo hold!"
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    Lol nice
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    I forgot posting this one from July 20 (I think this was around the mods release):
    548-145-651 | Playing since Dec 28th (:
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