Game Update - 6/28/2016

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Here are the update notes for today.

  • Jedi Knight Anakin is the daily login character for July.
  • Geonosian spy has been added to the game, and will be available via the Aurodium pack on June 30th. For more information on this character check out
  • Tusken Shaman is available once again in Chromium Packs.
  • Character shards for Dengar are now available in the Guild Store.

  • The Profit Mining event has been removed.
  • The MK 5 Arakyd Droid Caller will no longer appear in Shipments.
  • The MK 7 Nubian Security Scanner now has a chance to appear in Shipments.
  • Chewbacca’s Wookiee Rage ability now displays more information when he has the Maximum Health increase buff.

  • The Credit Heist event is a new type of event that will appear on a random weekday. The first day of this event will start on June 29th. Here are some details on the event:
    • There is a level 50 and a level 70 version
    • Requires 5 Scoundrels
    • Each version (level 50 and 70) may be completed twice for free. 150k credits for each level 50 completion, and 350k credits for each level 70 completion.
    • The event will run for 15 hours each time it appears.
  • Assault Battles: Forest Moon – begins July 4th
    • Difficulty is tuned for level 78 players for the first tier and unlocks at level 75. The level 80 tier unlocks when you complete the previous tier and is tuned for level 80 players.
    • 8 waves of enemies, with wave 4 being a sub-boss battle and wave 8 being a boss battle
    • Requires Empire or Droid characters
    • Be wary of low health Ewoks

Bug Fix
  • Teebo's Guerrilla Warfare will no longer apply Stealth to targets who already have Stealth.
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