$20 for ONE gear 10 item.

i just wonder where it will stop, $20 for 1 item for a gear 10 hero, what about when the level cap is increased and we are on gear 13? will items cost close to $60 then?

how you greedy corporate wa*kers get away with this is beyond belief.


  • Mokkal
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    Welcome to life looool rofl hahahaha
  • Tomek
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    Item for G13 will need 100 new salvages, drop rate will be 5% or more, the cost of item will be 4000.

    And we pay many for what ? For one simple Raid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe if the game be able to offer 10 different Raids this will be easier to eat , but now this is exorbitancy.

  • We'll see what happens with the prices as gear progress but I know I won't be spending another dollar if that is the trend I see in the future.
  • Divona
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    edited June 2016
    I'm pretty sure that prices need to be cut off significantly if they raise cap level to 90. Other option would be giving out MUCH more raid salvage materials or we are looking into months and months getting just one gear piece...
    I can already see this item gearing meta wont be good in long run.
  • Yansolo
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    As long as there are people willing to pay any price to keep "ahead" of the game, this trend will not stop. Why would they reduce any pricing? Scanner pricing in shipment is what? 2200 crystals? not that i have seen one yet and this will a good test to see if this will make me get out of my current ftp mode.

    Even if the pricing for the gear 13 was 10 000 crystals I'm sure people would still buy it ... so the only thing you can stop is ... yourself. But the trend wont stop.
  • Sad to imagine that there are starving children everywhere and people are spending 20$ on IMAGINERY things.
  • Kabbes
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    A mark 4 cufflink is even more, at 2400 crystals. I've bought them in the past. Anything to avoid grinding out 100 purple salvage items at 10 energy per sim!
  • Lol, 2200 crystals are nothing.
    Crystals you use to refresh the shop in order to get a single scanner will far exceed that.
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