Heroic raid question after soloing phase 1 - need help finishing

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My guild just started our first heroic. I have the strongest squad and I was able to mostly solo phase 1 (started at 76% and went the distance). I wanted to retreat so others in my guild could get attacks in on P2/3. If you retreat as soon as 2 starts, do you lose all progress. I tried to escape all toons but they were at 7 cooldown. Trying to se arch for answer but not seeing it. Thanks for your help. I ran Teebo lead, Phasma, Chirpa, QGJ, and Elder.
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    If you retreat, you do in fact lose all progress. One of my guild mates made that mistake once.
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    If you retreat all progress is lost. Only option is to have rancor kill your team or last turns till you can start escaping.

    When I run P1 to the end I will normally start escaping while in P1 with around 1% left of captain, this way save P2 damage for others and still rack up mega damage from P1.
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    Just stay in P1 or P2 (if you go over P2) until raid is over... U get the damage and let your teamates do their damage...

    All your score will be overdamge to rancor.

    90% of my raids i finish P1 (or go over P2 and die there) after my guild has already killed rancor P4...

    So my damage still courts but doesnt impact anyone in term of what phase they can do...
  • Thanks for the feedback. My guild isn't that strong yet. We can beat VI in one refresh but many don't have that many 7*. We wanted to try heroic just to see. I will try to escape towards the end of phase 1 next time. I tried to knock down the door in P2 and run down the cooldown on escape. It didn't work and I lost everyone anyway.
  • We got it down to 20% left and everyone is out. Me losing my A team after what happened about caused me to not be able to do much in P4

    We have one spot open right now. If someone thinks they can finish it off, please DM me. We are looking for a merc. Would probably get you 2nd place, 3rd at worst.
  • Hi clark. We can help you.
  • Sending DM
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