Assault Battles Are a Joke

I know said in my last post I wouldn't write anymore knee **** reactions, but after giving this last so called even three tries, three opportunities to prove that it is a viable event for me, my knee is jerking so hard that I just kicked a wookie. Seriously, I even invested 200 crystals and 320k credits into my RG in an effort to bring him up to speed in this latest laughable "assault battle", and two-pip ewok scouts still back-to-back one shot two of my 7* droids. Meanwhile, the elders get unlimited revives. Just killed an ewok? Hold on, lemme just jack my turn meter up to %100 real quick and bring him back, like I just did one move - not turn mind you - ago. That's not fair guys! I get it's supposed to be challenging, but not impossible! And the last event was geared around a small assortment of characters that had nothing to do with the half dozen Jedi i had to invest in for months just to complete the Yoda event! I'd rather you just stop creating these lousy Battles altogether! Now stop trying to grab every last coin out of our poor little pockets, stop catering (and USING) the whales (heaven only knows they don't know you're abusing their gambling habits), and make these "events" f2p, as in FUN to play!
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