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The next major update for Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes will unlock a new feature called Mods! Mods are a new progression system for Characters level 50 and above. Mods will allow you to enhance and customize your Characters’ stats in a way never before seen at the holotables!


What are Mods?
Mods are a new type of item that allow you to customize the stats of the character to which they are equipped. A character can equip up to 6 different Mods at once and each one will add stats to that character.


Mods come in 6 different shapes, and you can assign one of each shape to a given Character. Mods affect a Primary stat (for example, Health) and may also affect additional Secondary stats once the Mod is leveled up.

We'll be sharing more information about Mods and our next major update in the coming days. In addition to Mods, we'll be adding even more features, as well as fixing a large number of bugs.
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