Abandoning ship?

I've noticed some of my whale friends whom I call upon for the hero assist under my Challenges have gone missing. I usually call upon 3 maxed out accounts that are no longer showing up. If an account has been closed/discontinued, wouldnt they still show up?


  • Maybe they removed you as an alli
  • Sparky83 wrote: »
    Maybe they removed you as an alli
    That's very possible. But three accounts suddenly? Very peculiar.
  • I can confirm that as long as you stay allies, your ally can uninstall the game and not log in for like 6 months and still show up.

    Your three allies either removed you or they had their accounts suspended or you are having troubles finding them.
  • Karfax
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    I have 2 accounts in my ally list I haven't played for a couple of weeks but they are still showing, it sounds like they have removed you.
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  • Maybe they broke off and formed their own guild?
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